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"Mr President, you have given 15 years of tireless service to this House and on behalf of the ELDR Group I would like to pay tribute to the leadership and the vision that you have shown during your term of office. You have proven an outstanding President of our House, raising our profile, ensuring that our voice is heard in the Council and beyond. Through your eloquence and your judicious use of the well-crafted sound bite you have communicated the practical benefits of our work to our citizens. I am proud that the first Liberal President of this House in 22 years should be one of its most successful. I would like to highlight briefly two achievements. Your energetic campaigning for enlargement and the determination you have shown in reforming this House will go down to your great credit. As my predecessor as leader of the ELDR Group, you demonstrated our commitment to enlargement by involving MPs from the candidate countries in our work. You continued with your energetic campaign for a 'yes' vote in the candidate countries and in bringing observer MEPs here to our Chamber in 2002. You have brought this Parliament closer to reforms than ever before and I have no doubt that as a result of your work we will succeed in reforming this House. We are sure that you will still have much to contribute to Europe in whatever you do in the months and the years ahead. We say today 'au revoir' with a vote of thanks and our best wishes for the future."@en1

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