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"Mr President, although I share the view that the Commissioners from the new Member States are more than sufficiently qualified to fulfil their mandate in the next six months, there is a problem. As Mr Prodi has already stated, it is to be expected that the Commissioners from the ten new Member States will also want to keep going through the next five years, but I fear that this has not really dawned on Members of this House. The turnout during the hearings was generally very low. The chairmen of the other committees share my view on this. I think that in this connection, we need to draw the attention of the new Parliament to the fact that it should take the hearings in the autumn extremely seriously, also with regard to the ten Commissioners who are taking up office today. As first vice-chairman of the Committee on Regional Policy, Transport and Tourism, I should like to give this piece of advice to the forthcoming Parliament. I myself would very much have liked to have returned to Parliament, but unfortunately, my party has not given me the opportunity to do so."@en1

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