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". In relation to the first question on the Caucasus, I must say that I fully share the concern that has been expressed. I recently met President Saakashvili and I hope to be able to visit the countries of the Caucasus as well, if possible. Relations with the European Union are essential for this area to develop towards a situation of security and democracy, which it vitally needs. As regards the cohesion strategy – the strategy prepared by Commissioner Barnier – it has actually been carried out by the whole Commission and is shared by the new Commissioner. This strategy has a very important aim, which is to create solidarity with the new countries without abandoning the regions in the old Member States that are still having problems adapting to the average European income. It is a complex yet harmonious strategy that we can achieve, of course, with the budgetary conditions we have proposed, which we hope will be adopted in the financial perspective for 2007-2013."@en1

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