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". In response to the comments by the last speaker, one of the important developments that has taken place over recent times in relation to this issue has been the collaboration between the European Court of Justice, the Parliament and the Commission. Last year the Court of Justice decided that the citizens of the European Union have a right of access to healthcare in all Member States. This decision has generated a new discussion at EU level on healthcare in the EU. I am happy to say that in December 2003 the Commission established a high-level group of health ministers of the European Union to report on that issue, following which the Commission produced its response. We are now at the stage where we have put forward a policy in response to this, which will put in place a high-level group which will guide the discussion on the appropriate response to healthcare and the delivery of healthcare at EU level. The Commission will lead the debate in conjunction with the health ministers of the Member States of the 25 EU countries. This development has provided the kind of impetus necessary to form a bridge between the exercise of EU-level competences relating to public health, and how these relate to and impact on the delivery of healthcare – a responsibility which remains with the Member States. The contact between those two points is important and Parliament will be aware of the establishment, during this Commission, of the European Centre for Disease Control located in Sweden. These factors have contributed considerably to the further development of healthcare in the EU, an issue which is gradually increasing in importance for citizens. I am happy to say that the Commission, the Parliament, the Court of Justice and indeed all the institutions have shown support for this issue. This is likely to continue throughout the life of the next Commission."@en1

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