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"Mr President, 25 years ago I was working here illegally, doing manual labour. I was a second-class citizen. Now I am here as a Member of the European Parliament. I represent a country that has joined Europe. Nonetheless, many of my fellow countrymen and women still feel like second-class citizens within the Union. This is because they cannot legally take up work in it. I would like to ask the Commission what it plans to do to shorten the periods in which restrictions on taking up work apply. This would enable the citizens of my region of Europe to become first-class citizens. I would also like to say that it would be most unfortunate for the Union to distance itself from Ukraine. Ukraine is a part of Europe. It shares our cultural heritage. If you travel to Lvov or Chernovtsy, you will feel as if you were in Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava. I would like to make this appeal: let us not turn our backs on Ukraine!"@en1

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