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". We have debated the Kaliningrad question on numerous occasions. We had a very interesting discussion during our last meeting with Russia because, of course, on the table were all the problems that you, Mr Landisbergis, know only too well: the movement of labour and the movement of goods. Above all, though, we proposed that we should work together on the economic and cultural development of the city of Kaliningrad, so that it can truly become a point of reference both for Russia and for its neighbouring countries. This was a proposal, then, to move from a simple policy of good neighbours with rules in common to a strong policy of cooperation. The answer to your question, then, Mr Landisbergis, is in the affirmative: yes, and the cultural chapter is among those proposed. I hope that the climate of cooperation that existed at the last meeting with Russia will continue to prevail when, in a few days, in just a couple of weeks, we have the bilateral summit with that country in Moscow. I think a climate is beginning to develop in which being neighbours is not just something to sort out with border guards or legal issues or travel permits, but rather with active, mutual cooperation. This can also include commemorations of particular personalities, which must, however, be decided in the context of this true mutual collaboration."@en1

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