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". My answers will be very brief. Regarding the new structure of Europe, I obviously refer you back to my previous reply. There is, of course, a further consideration to make, which is the idea of the common guardianship of our borders, the fact that we must understand that they are no longer the borders of an individual country but the borders of the Union as a whole. The reference to the length of these borders and especially the specific reference to Poland is a call for the solidarity of the whole Union. For my part, I remind you of all the progress that has been made over the past year on this specific issue. As for the qualities of my successor, it will be the President-in-Office of the Council and the Heads of Government who will decide on these. Based on my own experience, I only recommend one thing: great patience and great physical stamina. The President of the Commission above all needs to have the stamina to do this job; everything else will depend on the decisions that the Members of the European Council make."@en1

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