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"Mr President, I have just returned from a meeting with President Chissano of Mozambique, with whom you and President Prodi met this morning. One of the issues raised by President Chissano was the concern that ACP countries have about the prospect of enlargement and the impact of it on them in terms of the likelihood that there will be less resources for them. They are also concerned about the level of commitment to development cooperation which they might expect from the new countries coming into the Union. We in the Committee on Development and Cooperation, and the ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly, would like reassurance that we can expect the same level of commitment from the new Commission as we have from the current Commission. Secondly, my question relates to the prospect for the Relex family of directorates under the new Commission. We do not want to see our development objectives and priorities subsumed by foreign policy strategies, interests and priorities. We very much want to see a Development Commissioner with a remit which covers our development work across the world. The EU is, after all, the world's major donor in this regard; it has an enormous role to play that I hope will not become secondary in the future."@en1

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