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". I will reply very briefly because I also have to reply on the Basel II issue, which was raised a moment ago. Basel II is an extremely important issue, and we worked on it precisely so as to make amendments to the initial proposals, as they were devastating for small and medium-sized enterprises. We were asked by the Council to amend these proposals further and we were especially asked to look in depth at all the implications for small and medium-sized enterprises. With the Council’s agreement, we commissioned an in-depth study from PricewaterhouseCoopers; the study is now nearly done and we will hand it to the Council for further discussion in a few weeks. The subject is not closed, then; it is still open and being debated. On the question of communications, the experiment we carried out was so that communications could be coordinated better throughout the Commission. I believe the improvements that we made have worked, and I think you can actually see that in the more integrated way in which we have been able to function. Of course, I am not prejudging the future organisation of communications: that will depend entirely on how the new President organises the whole work of the Commission. I do see a need, however – and here I go back to what you said, Mr Vila Abelló – for much more incisive work on communications: until now, in fact, our communications have always gone through national media and so they have reached the people indirectly, and sometimes with major problems of distortion."@en1

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