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". Mr President, I wish to express gratitude to both Mrs Van Lancker and Mrs Maes for raising the issue of gender policy and equality practice in the Commission. This provides me with an opportunity to report that, in the lifetime of this Commission, recruitment has reached a level of 50-50 between men and women for the first time in history. Maybe the citizens of Europe will show similar assiduousness and wisdom in ensuring that this Parliament becomes 50-50 or maybe Parliament itself would want to take the initiative and include in its policies the improvement of gender mix in the appointment of its senior management. I can inform the House meanwhile that, in its current lifetime, the Commission will hit its target of ensuring that 20% of its middle and senior managers are women. That has been done entirely on the basis of merit, but also by the deliberate fostering and encouragement of women to seek and obtain posts for which they are very well qualified. On wider policy issues, I am certain that the inheritance that the Prodi Commission would want to leave will bear a very strong mark of the priorities cherished by the President himself. In developing all other policies, I am absolutely certain that the European Commission will continue to seek to give prominence to the critical question of encouraging and supporting women as the majority gender in the population of the world as, indeed, in our continent and Union."@en1

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