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"Mr President, to date, the European Parliament has always been very devoted to the basic principle of equal opportunities. The same applies to the Commission as we know it. That entails a task not only for the Commissioner who has equal opportunities in his or her remit, but also for all Commissioners in their respective areas. I should like to have the assurance that that will be the case in the new Commission too. Needless to say, we are delighted that there are three female Commissioners, but we expect all Commissioners to raise the flag – if I may put it that way – for equal opportunities for men and women. With all due respect for the new Commissioner, Mr Borg, who is undoubtedly highly qualified, he did not convince me with regard to development cooperation during the hearing. Surely development cooperation should also have a strong gender dimension. Would the President of the Commission be able to confirm once again that equal opportunities are still important to the newly-expanded Commission too, that the Peking platform, which has been signed by all our Member States, remains a guiding principle for it, and that sexual and reproductive rights and health, for both men and women, remain an area of concern for the Union?"@en1

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