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"Mr President, Mr President of the Commission, and the new Commissioners, I offer you my congratulations and I believe that your candidature will be confirmed by our vote today. But it is not simply a matter of approval, for huge commitments and great challenges await you in your new posts. Much has been said here about money, about the Far East and the Near East, but I should like to direct my question towards a resolution of the Roma problem. The European Commission and the European Parliament have often reproached our country, the Slovak Republic, for not doing enough to resolve the Roma problem. I should like to ask you, perhaps you Mr Prodi, whether you would not consider perhaps supporting the establishment of an institute for resolving this problem, since this question has now become a matter for Europe and the resolution of the Roma problem is not just a question of financial resources. It is a question of an overall philosophy and a general approach and I believe far more will have to be done in this regard in the future."@en1

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