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". Yes, because I believe that this measure is not only wrong but also pointless, absolutely pointless. History has shown us that there were the same fears in relation to Spain, Portugal and Ireland, and you can see how they have fitted into the Union: emigration has stopped and people have even started to go back. We have no particular problems with these countries. Our main immigration problems come from the countries of Africa and Asia; they come from the poverty-stricken world around us. This is the main problem. What is more, there is also a profound contradiction: on the one hand we are closing our borders, while on the other we are starting to make overtures to the top-level workers that these countries have. We are thus operating a double standard. I tell you again, Mr Szent-Iványi: I am absolutely against these measures, not only because they are wrong but also because they are pointless. I would like to take the opportunity offered by your maiden speech to underline the fact that our first contact with these Commissioners has confirmed what you have said: we have ten first-rate Commissioners, and that is a really comforting fact. Indeed, we will have a situation in the next Commission where these will be the senior Commissioners while most of the Commissioners from the old Member States will be the junior ones. The new countries will thus be teaching the old countries. That is Europe for you!"@en1

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