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". We have to be extremely clear about this, because we very often confuse it with the tension or discontent that all European citizens feel and that all institutions, beginning with the institutions in their own countries, may have towards the European institutions. I am aware of the fact that it is our duty to develop closer relations with our citizens, to act transparently and to make ourselves understood, but when we look at situations more closely we see that people very often have a tougher, less open and more negative attitude towards politics in their own countries than they have towards the European Union. We very often mistake a crisis in modern democracy for a specific crisis in relation to our European institutions. In this sense it is clear that we have overstated, and still overstate, the Eurosceptic aspect and people’s positions on Europe. We have to work on improving the situation, but we must not confuse a passing crisis – the growing pains of democratic systems – with a specific crisis of our institutions."@en1

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