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"Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, today, you will receive Parliament's confidence, including mine. However, you still need to win the confidence of the citizens, in the sense that many of them have great expectations of the enlargement, but also a degree of mistrust. I should like to give two reasons for this. Many members of the public are still of the opinion that money is being wasted in Europe, that supervision is ineffective and transparency is in short supply. What they would like to have from this Commission is the reiterated assurance that a zero-tolerance approach will be taken to fraud. That is what Commissioner Prodi promised at the beginning of his term of office and it is on that, certainly in the current climate, that the public will judge him. Furthermore, I still see equality and equal participation of men and women as an objective. Over the past few days, I have seen a huge number of men, and few women, at the highest echelons in this House. Finally, I should like to echo the desire that solidarity with Africa should not be overlooked. At a time when we are celebrating, there is war in Darfour and still no peace in Congo. I could make the list of conflicts much longer. I would urge you to carry with you, throughout the world, as far as the Middle East, Iraq and Africa, the hope for peace, which we in Europe cherish as a basic ambition. Good luck!"@en1

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