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"Mr President, ten new countries and ten new Commissioners. The ten new countries have to meet the new criteria, and so do the Commissioners. Unfortunately, the outcome of the hearing of one candidate, Mr Borg, was that for the time being, Parliament is not persuaded by his approach to development cooperation. It is in public that we consider candidates for office, and in public that we deliver our verdict on them. I should like to make it quite clear that we do this with full respect of the person, but also completely independently. We have to take our work seriously and that is why specific reference is made, in the draft resolution on which we are voting this afternoon, to the critical verdict of the competent parliamentary committee. We would like to see a drastic change by October; if not, we ought to look for another candidate for development cooperation and poverty control. I am pronouncing this verdict openly. However, if the Commission would at least indicate that it has taken due notice of the critical verdict in the draft resolution, that would greatly increase the value of our work in the hearings."@en1

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