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"Mr President, it is now exactly 20 years since I was lucky enough to get speaking time on my first day in Parliament. I am particularly pleased that I caught your eye on my last day in Parliament! As I look around I see lots of familiar faces, amongst them some silver threads among the gold. I would like, on this my last occasion, to make a plea on behalf of the Commissioners from small countries: small may be beautiful, but small can also be highly competent, colourful and efficient. I believe very strongly that Parliament and the Commission have been very ably served by the Commissioners from small countries – naturally, in this context I think of my own country. I would hope to see in the future – particularly as other small countries are now present and we are no longer in a minority – the continuing, full participation of Commissioners from smaller countries. I would like to express, in this my final moment in Parliament, my deep appreciation to Parliament, the Commission and all the institutions, and also to my country for having given me the privilege of having a ringside seat at some of the most momentous political occasions of the last hundred years. Thank you."@en1

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