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"Mr President, you announced during yesterday’s part-session, 4 May, that in accordance with Rule 185 of the Rules of Procedure, written declarations that have not received the signatures of a majority of Members and written questions that have not received an answer, and so on, will be deemed to have lapsed. In this respect, you are basing your position on Rule 185, which states, ‘At the end of the last part-session before elections, all Parliament’s unfinished business will be deemed to have lapsed subject to the provisions of the second paragraph of this Rule’. The third paragraph of the same Rule states, ‘These provisions shall not apply to petitions and communications that do not require a decision’. What questions addressed by a Member of this House to the Commission and the Council require is an answer rather than a decision. We cannot therefore regard all those questions that have yet to receive an answer as having lapsed. Dismissing political questions out of hand, some of which are extremely important, makes life easier for the Commission and the Council. Politics abhors a vacuum. Parliament will continue to function until the new Parliament is up and running, and so will the Commission. There is no reason why it cannot answer all of the questions that have been asked today."@en1

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