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"Mr President, on a point of order. I wanted to raise this point yesterday, but you did not authorise me to intervene. I want to draw your attention and that of Parliament to the fact that on 29 April the Council signed two legislative acts without having had the opinion of the European Parliament, the pretext being that it had fixed a deadline which we had not respected. I want to point out that the same pre-emptive deadline has been fixed for today on the draft agreement with the United States on the air passenger data transfers – the so-called PNR agreement. To avoid the will of Parliament being negated, I request that you send a formal request to the Presidents of the Council and the Commission that they should abstain from taking any decisions before the Court has given its judgment, especially during this electoral period. This would be the minimum that we could expect in the framework of loyal cooperation between the institutions. The delay should not be too long because the Court has already announced a deadline of 6 June for the parties to present their arguments and it seems that the Court is speeding up its proceedings and may well reach a judgment before the summer. In those circumstances, it does not seem too much to ask that the Council and the Commission should respect both our institution and the Court of Justice, and not undermine the rule of law, given that the Court is willing to progress speedily. I fear these two precedents on 29 April. I ask you to invite them formally to abstain from signing the agreement."@en1

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