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"The minutes of this House on Monday 3rd May 2004 exposed Mr Martin for the deceitful person that he is. I want therefore to read this into the record to once again expose the type of behaviour that Mr Martin engages. He also falsely accused hundreds of MEPs, including 11 Irish MEPs, of ‘milking no show loopholes’ in our daily expenses. This relates to the facility that MEPs have to sign on a register on a Friday so that they are enabled to claim their allowances for accommodation on a Thursday night when they participate in votes on a Thursday afternoon and are unable to fly home. On the Irish radio programme ‘Live Line’ he disingenuously claimed, that as these votes closed at 5.14 pm, I could have easily caught the Frankfurt to Dublin flight. This flight closes at 7.05 pm, so therefore Mr Martin was claiming that in 1 Hour and fifty minutes I would have plenty of time to collect my belongings and drive approximately 250 kilometres to Frankfurt airport. Such a statement is blatantly dishonest and he knows that well. He also claimed that I leave Strasbourg early. MEPs are prisoners of flight schedules. Up until November 2003 when my flight schedule changed my regular routine was leaving Strasbourg in the afternoon to catch flights which departed for the airport in my constituency at times varying from 16:00 to 18:00. Furthermore this routine also required me coming regularly to Strasbourg on a Sunday for which I received no daily allowance. Mr Martin also accused me of some 32 problem cases of claiming the daily allowance. Despite the viciousness of his accusations he has never once provided with this list – strange justice indeed. However in relation to the 6 dates he mentioned on RTEs liveline programmes, he was inaccurate in at least half of them. On a date when he alleged I signed in late I actually was present early that morning voting in my committee. With regard to 2 other dates I did not receive any daily allowance for the Parliament and these facts have been confirmed in writing to me by the EP services."@en1

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