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". Along with my British Conservative colleagues I have actively engaged in raising concerns relating to fraud, waste and mismanagement in the European Union institutions and we have played a major role in highlighting the issues to the wider public. Since the motion of censure was originally devised, Commissioner Solbes has resigned and returned to Spanish politics. In these circumstances it was no longer credible to support a motion against the whole Commission and our delegation policy was therefore to abstain. Nevertheless, it is essential that the Commission take serious note of the concerns expressed in the resolution on Eurostat adopted by the European Parliament on 22 April 2004; that the Commission had failed to draw the appropriate conclusions from the Eurostat affair, and that it had failed to accept its political responsibility either collectively or individually making clear Parliament’s intention to continue to monitor and scrutinise future developments in the ongoing Eurostat investigations and potential legal actions, with a view to further possible action The pursuit of greater accountability and control of the EU budget and dramatically improved management by the Commission; the need for the European Parliament to have the power to dismiss individual Commissioners;"@en1
"(Explanation of vote abbreviated in accordance with Rule 137(1))"1

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