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"Mr President, as a member of the Convention on the future of Europe, I participated in the development of the Constitutional Treaty. May I therefore take this opportunity to express the hope that the new Constitutional Treaty will be adopted this year and that the procedures for endorsing the Constitutional Treaty in the Member States will take place within a reasonable time span. As a member of the Convention I particularly wanted the Charter of human rights and freedoms to become an integral part of the Constitutional Treaty. This is not only important for the sake of the Charter itself and its meaning in the European Union but because it has a special symbolic meaning for those of us who come from the former socialist States. It is also important for the Eurosceptics, who can see that the range of human rights and freedoms is generally more extensive than it is in our constitutions. I do think, however, that the Slovenian constitution is particularly good. At the same time this is a clear sign that we have joined a community of democratic States which respect and safeguard human rights and freedoms. I see Europe as a flourishing community, in which peace, prosperity and the security of people and property are not merely political slogans but a reality. We must do everything to ensure that terrorism and crime do not grow but are fundamentally reduced. We do not need large, new bureaucratic organisations at the level of the European Union, but we do need increased cooperation between police forces in the Member States. As far as possible we need to establish a uniform policy in the fight against terrorism and crime and to increase the effectiveness of our security services through joint action. It is also important that we cooperate in controlling the external borders of the European Union effectively and that balanced assistance is given to those States that bear the greatest burden in this respect. Slovenia is a peaceful and safe country where people can walk the streets of our cities safely even during the hours of darkness. It is well-known that in many places in Europe it is not safe to do so. I therefore express the expectation that in addition to taking care of economic, scientific and general social development, the European Union will pay particular attention to the security of its citizens and the protection of their property."@en1

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