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"Commissioner, as you know, organised crime is growing very strongly. It is mainly based outside the Union, but it is attacking our citizens and can cross internal frontiers inside the Union with total facility. There are record amounts of heroin coming in, cocaine, attacks on the Internet increasing every day, trafficking of illegal immigrants, of women and of children. There are vast amounts of money laundering, enormous quantities of counterfeit goods and currency hitting us as well. You know this as well as I. It is very frightening. However, our law enforcement agencies are only national or local and they cannot cross our internal frontiers. National politicians do not get credit for fighting crime outside their own countries. All in all, we are failing to fight international organised crime and that is why it is getting stronger. I have just presented you with a pamphlet. I also gave the press a copy this afternoon at a press conference. It is called 'Europe Needs an FBI'. Commissioner, I echo the other sentiments – you have been a very good Commissioner in this area. I hope, whether you stay here or go on to something else, that you will help to stir the national politicians who so far have lacked the will to muster the necessary weapons to fight international crime."@en1

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