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"Mr President, I rise to say a few words of farewell. That will probably make many people happy and it might make some sad. It does not make me necessarily glad but, because of now leading the largest party in Northern Ireland, I have more duties at home and I feel I must attend to them, especially at this time when certain talks are taking place. For the past 25 years I have been a Member of this House, elected at the top of the poll from Northern Ireland. I have been gratified to have the largest amount of votes cast for any person elected to this Parliament. Its rapid growth of jurisdiction is the political mystery of the age. However, I do not believe it is to the best advantage of the European peoples. Enlargement has triggered the destruction of the cooperation of the sovereign states of Europe and brought about the construction of the sovereign superstate of Europe, the new Tower of Babel. The effects of the full battle between the voluntary cooperation of the European sovereign states and the dictatorial incorporation of those states into the European superstate have yet to be witnessed. In our history superpowers have always been detrimental to peace. The wars in the Balkans in recent years have been conveniently forgotten when fiery advocates of an almighty Europe tell us the new Europe has prevented and stopped wars. Some prevention, and some stopping. The present enlargement is bringing with it loads of difficulties, generally in the economic field and particularly in the agricultural field. Just how serious the reaping in Europe is going to be remains to be seen. The day has yet to declare it. I especially welcome the fact that the United Kingdom will have its referendum and that the ordinary European citizens in the United Kingdom will not be robbed of their right to pass their judgement on this momentous decision. The continent of Europe is not our fatherland and never can be. The nationalities of Europe are not changed, they are the creation of God. No matter what sinful man may do, God has enthroned his son King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the King of the whole Earth and he shall reign and rule forever more."@en1

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