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"Ladies and gentlemen of the European Parliament, Commissioner, it is an honour for me, as the youngest member of the European Socialists, and as a Member of the European Parliament from Hungary and Karcag, to have an opportunity to express my views on a subject that it would not have been possible to discuss 15 years ago. Not only because a 15-year old would have had difficulty in becoming a Member of the European Parliament, but also because at that time we did not see the slightest possibility of Hungary becoming a member of the secure and free region provided by the European Union. In the twenty-first century, our freedom and our security have often been in irreconcilable conflict with each other. Everybody would like to avoid challenges that threaten the security of one’s nation, but nobody wants to damage our civil, political and social rights won during the eighteenth century and strengthened by many revolutions, including the 1848 and 1956 Hungarian revolutions. It is difficult to solve these conflicts, but I believe that the Members of the enlarged European Union, together with the citizens of Europe, will be able to find the answers. The European area of security and the Schengen Agreement provide protection for us. At the same time, we must not forget that the borders of Europe are not the same as the borders of the European Union. In our efforts to make the Union safe, we must not ignore our solidarity with those nations whose representatives do not sit here with us at the moment. Europe, and within Europe, the European Union will only be able to become a great and strong community if its responsibility to ensure its safety goes hand in hand with its unquenchable desire for freedom as well. Ladies and gentlemen, I do not need to talk to you now about the Hungarians’ commitment to freedom, because you all know my people. I have often been asked what we Hungarians bring with us into the European Union. Among many other things, we bring our faith and our readiness to act for a Europe that is free, secure and based on solidarity."@en1

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