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"Given that we are talking about the issue of security, I shall talk about external security. I am convinced the task that the new Member States are facing is to prove their ability to have a wider view. They must prove that they do not see European integration merely in terms of Structural Funds, the importance of which is often overestimated. They must prove that they do not perceive European integration in terms of their own problems. They must prove that they are able to understand and to take responsibility for the further development of European integration. When we talk about security, we should bear in mind that our security is influenced by our immediate surroundings, by our neighbouring countries, by North African countries and by the Middle East. These are countries with millions of inhabitants who look toward the EU as their aim and where millions of potential illegal immigrants live. These people can easily fall under the influence of fundamentalist and extremist ideology and become themselves tools of terrorism, which is today the number one threat. If the European Union wants to ensure the security of its citizens it must, amongst other things, make its closest neighbours economically and politically stable by increasing their economic growth, reduce the possibility of migration and reduce the growth of radicalism in these societies. The European Union must use a new financial framework to re-evaluate its development aid policy, and must use adequate resources to ensure that those resources are used effectively. These are real issues and real problems that must be solved. I am very worried that the abstract intellectual exercises in compiling documents, such as the European Constitution, will not help us greatly in solving these problems."@en1

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