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"Mr President, Commissioner Vitorino, I agree with you that the citizens of Europe want more Europe and I believe that, with a view to the future, the communication on the values of freedom and security which the Commission is to present to this Parliament should consider two significant aspects. It is true that we need greater security – as you have quite rightly said – in order to guarantee freedom, but that guarantee must not take the form currently employed by the United States Government, which identifies security with a reduction in freedom. If we want more Europe we must provide greater guarantees of democratic freedoms and not take the view that through greater security, with greater resources, only by reducing freedoms, will we guarantee that security. I would like to say that in order to combat terrorism we need intelligence at European level and coordination of police services at European level as well, elements which must be strengthened. Furthermore, freedoms have been mentioned, and the European Parliament is the highest manifestation of the largest democratic concentration in the world, but I believe it is clear that the freedoms of the peoples, regions and nationalities existing within the European Union must also be guaranteed. And the European Union must clearly condemn the massacres which are being committed against the Chechen and Kurdish people and must guarantee the rights of Stateless peoples. The language, culture and identity of peoples and regions must have guarantees. In this Europe of ours, in certain States of the Union – specifically in our State – in the name of effectively combating terrorism, initiatives have been taken which are not entirely positive, which have allowed democratic newspapers to be closed. As a Valencian and as a representative of a people which forms part of the European Union, I believe that this Europe of security and freedom must take full account of the national freedoms of the peoples and regions that make up the European Union."@en1

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