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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I would like firstly, on behalf of my group, to welcome the 162 new Members of this House, and we hope that this first debate on freedom and security for citizens in the enlarged Europe and, for me, my last one as a Member of this House, will lead to some clear reflections, not only on the framework already created over more than 50 years of the European project, but also on the challenges facing us in this common future we have just begun. Freedom, security and justice. In my view, these are areas in which the urgent need to confront the profound changes which are approaching in a Europe of 450 million citizens and which, unfortunately, as we can see, sometimes moves forward as a result of such tragic events as terrorist attacks and the regrettable deaths of the victims of immigration, has been demonstrated. It is clear that the great challenge awaiting us is to organise a new geo-political and demographic space in a dynamic, changing and constantly growing Europe. I would therefore like to emphasise everything the Commissioner has just said on this point. We have worked intensively over the last five years to enshrine the guarantees and protection of the fundamental rights of our citizens, and the results can be seen, such as the approval of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the steps aimed at approving common guarantees in criminal proceedings throughout the Union and the implementation of the European arrest warrant, a guarantor for one of our principle rights, which is the right of society to pursue relentlessly those who endanger the lives and security of the citizens. Without forgetting the protection of the victims of crime and particularly the victims of terrorism. In any process, however, such as the one with which we are currently occupied, we must not forget to look forward. To this end, Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I believe we must change anything that is not working. It is crucial that we modify the current decision-making method, with its cases of overlapping initiatives or delays resulting from the unanimity rules as well as flagrant delays in incorporating Community legislation into that of the Member States. We must also reinforce and make progress on the achievements already made. I would therefore like to insist on the proposal I made in the annual debate on the report on the area of freedom, security and justice, such as producing a Tampere II. Finally, I believe that the new European Constitution must enshrine the hope represented by the chapter aimed at the regulation of this new area, that is, we must bring the legal instruments into line with the reality of the dangers currently threatening the freedom and security of the citizens. It only remains for me, Mr President, to thank your Presidency and the Commissioner for your invaluable contribution to the defence of the values and rights of a society such as ours which wishes to feel increasingly free within a new enlarged area, in which security and justice, in turn, also provide the guarantees for that freedom."@en1

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