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"Mr President Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, twenty years ago Czechoslovakia split. The Czechs and the Slovaks were unable to agree on a joint constitution. Fortunately, we parted on good terms, as friends and in peace. I am happy we are meeting as friends and in peace again in the European Union and in Parliament. Czechoslovakia’s story can serve as a lesson, particularly for those who are set to negotiate the European Constitution. If no agreement is reached on the European Constitution within an enlarged Europe, this major entity could also break up. Let us hope that they take heed of this warning. Talking about the future of our economic and social model, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we will not be the ones who decide the future. The future will be decided by those who will live in this future, by our children and their children’s children. What we can do for them is to create conditions that will enable them to decide freely on their own model, and it is by adopting the European Constitution that we will enable them to make their decisions freely. I mention this, because my ancestors decided to surrender their freedom and democracy on the promise of social security. My generation was, therefore, not free to decide which social and economic system it would like to live under. I believe that the future social system will be based on solidarity and love for one’s fellow man. Let us not forget this is also a Christian value, which is not mentioned in the preamble of the draft Constitution. I believe that they will be able to decide to go into business. Conditions must be right, however, for small businesses to flourish, given that out of small acorns large oaks trees grow. I believe that everything will come right. I believe that the future for our descendants will be as happy as things were for my generation."@en1

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