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"Mr President, until recently I was an observer in this House. Today I am a fully-fledged Member of the European Parliament. I have noticed that words like solidarity, assistance, and cooperation are often bandied about in the Chamber. These words do have real meaning. It sometimes happens, however, that a wonderful idea loses out against ruthless interests. Work on reform of the common agricultural policy is an example of this. The Fifteen old Member States used Article 23 of the Treaty of Accession concluded between Poland and the European Union to further their own interests. The conditions applicable to Polish agriculture established in Copenhagen in December 2002 were changed to our disadvantage. Poland is a country of great opportunities. With some support, it could develop impressively and benefit the whole European Union. In over a thousand years of its history, my nation has demonstrated that it is not afraid of difficult challenges. It has shown itself capable of great deeds for the common good. It is no exaggeration to state that a Poland with a vibrant economy and enriched by the spirit of its citizens will be an asset to the European Union. I am convinced we shall not be a burden on Europe. We shall prove a tower of strength for it. Poland has never let Europe down, and it never will. I trust Europe will not let Poland down either."@en1

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