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"Mr President, Commissioner Dimas, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that compared to many areas of the earth, the European economic and social model is as successful as it is, because, in the past, we have developed an economically viable and environmentally friendly transport policy, with sensible general conditions for employees. By way of example, I would just like to mention the driving and rest periods for road traffic and working periods in the transport sector. On the one hand, this European transport policy is based on us having already dealt with the different national rules in the transport sector or on us being in the process of dealing with them, and thus creating an integrated market in the transport sector too. As an example from recent years I would mention the opening of the national rail networks to non-discriminatory use for all railway companies in the Union for freight services from 2006 or 2007. I could, alternatively, give another example of the creation of the Single European Sky from 31 December 2004. On the other hand, the European transport policy is based on having come to terms with the thinking and action behind national infrastructure networks and having created and expanded a trans-European transport network within the Union. In this vein, we adopted the largest revision of the trans-European transport network two weeks ago and thereby getting to grips with the Union of Fifteen’s transport infrastructure and adopting 30 priority projects for the Union of Twenty-Five. I am assuming that the new Member States will quickly implement the European regulations in the transport sector, if they have not already done so, in order that the internal market in transport may become a reality in all areas of the European Union. I hope that together we will be able to press ahead with and further develop the European transport policy in the next Committee on Regional Policy, Transport and Tourism."@en1

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