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"Mr President, the EU’s economic and social policy is important, and the European model is based upon a balance between growth, union rights, good conditions in the labour market and sustainable development. We must give impetus to this policy. Where growth is concerned, we must pin our hopes on, for example, research and development, the training of the labour force and investment. It is at least as important that trade unions exert influence upon developments in individual workplaces and so achieve better working environments. It is just as important that we make development sustainable in a long-term perspective. I am optimistic. I believe that enlargement can be a positive thing, not only for the new countries but also for the whole of the EU, including those of us who have been MEPs and EU Members for some time. I believe that it can be a success and a win-win situation. I myself come from the Baltic area and live in Sweden. I believe that growth can increase through an increase in trade across the Baltic. It is therefore important that we not compete with one other through social dumping, poorer working conditions or tax dumping that undermines our welfare systems, but that we maintain a high level of rights in the labour market and where our welfare systems are concerned. When we invest, we must do so in new, clean technology that also creates sustainable development and makes for long-term, rather than just short-term, growth. I am optimistic, but such optimism depends upon maintaining the balance in the social model."@en1

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