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"Mr President, Commissioner, in your speech you mentioned Finland, Sweden and Denmark as examples of this European economic and social model. The excellent levels of social welfare in these countries are due very largely to high taxation, and that includes business tax, taxation on capital and income tax. This is the way to create viable public services. Our common task now is to prevent tax competition, which would mean among other things the erosion of the foundation of these European welfare states. This kind of European prosperity is also based on tripartite agreements – we heard here how there are problems with this in some countries – as well as good labour relations and the fact that issues are discussed and lasting agreements are reached, with balanced growth achieved as a result. We also have to ensure that this forthcoming services directive, which, after the elections in June, the elected Parliament will be debating, does nothing to promote dumping, something that was spoken of here, but adopts the laws and decrees of the country in which the services are being produced. Environmental protection also creates growth and stability. We really have to ensure that we achieve sustainable growth which also allows us to look to the future. We will not build a European Union with short-term profits. We have to have sustainable growth, with the environment playing an absolutely key role."@en1

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