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"Mr President, I welcomed the urgency today with which, as this parliamentary term draws to a close, the Commissioner returned to the need, which the last speaker mentioned, for defence of the European way of life to be among our prime objectives. A liberalist wind, a single school of thought appeared to be attempting to destroy the idea of justice which brings dignity to politics in Europe and in our countries. I am pleased that the Commissioner reaffirmed this point. In Italy there is a booklet, ‘The Dream and the Choices’, a fine discussion by President Prodi available in bookshops. It points out, with regard to this way of life, what the major social democracies, the Christian school of thought in the social doctrine of the Church, have built in our countries, with different political experiences, since the early twentieth century; and indeed today we are different. In my opinion, this has to be a prime objective, and in 20 years’ time we will be remembered not just for our history, our Christian roots and the beauty of our cities but also for having created a model of relations between people which is among the most advanced in our history. I will end, today in particular, at the end of this parliamentary term, by expressing a concern: the diffusion, precisely with regard to this issue, of a lack of rules, of the insecurity of young peoples’ jobs. Of course, we must defend change, but we must be careful not to destroy young peoples’ security. I would like to extend my best wishes to the incoming MEPs for their work."@en1

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