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"Mr President, I can speak in Spanish. As a former union leader, I would like to say that we are pleased that the Social Charter appears in the draft Constitution. I believe that the fifteen countries must not be afraid of a lot of money going to the countries that have now become Members, because the majority of the countries will have to help themselves, just as the Czech Republic did. If we compare the situation in the eastern part of Germany, which received huge cash injections involving billions of marks, with the situation in our Republic, we will see that they are not so different. What should make the fifteen States nervous is the possibility of a social and fiscal dumping zone being created in that area. According to many of our liberal policies, our countries will flourish if we turn them into areas of this nature. They say that we must maintain the comparative advantages for as long as possible. We do not agree. We are against dismantling the social State in Europe, because that is what most attracts us to it. I would like our fellow Members from the fifteen existing Member States to monitor closely the attacks on unions in recent times, the attacks in Slovakia, where they want to repeal the law on tri-partyism. I also believe it will be necessary to ensure that what so often happens does not happen in our countries: the law is included in the Statutes, but is not applied."@en1

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