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"Mr President, I have the honour of speaking in the European Parliament as one of the first Polish Members and as the first Member representing the Wielkopolska voivodship. My fellow Members and I are setting fundamental goals for ourselves in the European Union. Our first goal is a sovereign Poland. We believe Poland’s sovereignty will be better secured within the European Union than outside it. We want a strong and sovereign Poland in a strong Europe. Our second goal concerns the economy. We are convinced that membership of the European Union gives us an opportunity for economic development that was not available to us outside the Community. This is why it is important for the European Union’s economic policy to promote free competition. Further, economic policy must be based on solidarity, which is a key principle of the European Union. This will give the poorer new Member States an opportunity to develop. It is also the reason why we are insisting that the Union’s budget be maintained at the existing level and not be reduced, and it is why we are calling for structural investment in the new Member States. I am addressing you as a Pole and as a resident of the Wielkopolska voivodship. It was in this area, in Gniezno, that Emperor Otto III and Cardinal Robert, representing Pope Sylvester II, met with the ruler of Poland, Boleslaw the Brave, in the year 1000. At the turn of the tenth century they discussed the affairs of Europe in this very area near the grave of St Wojciech. Inspired by them we believe that today a happy and peaceful Europe can also only be built in the name of God and Christian tradition. The people of Wielkopolska, where I live, have always been renowned for their great enterprise and thrift. The citizens of Poznan, Kalisz, Leszno, Pila, Konin, Gniezno, Wrzesnia, Gostyn, Koscian, Rawicz, Ostrow, Kolo, and many other Wielkopolska cities, towns, and villages will do everything in their power to ensure that Poland achieves success. We aspire to success for ourselves as well as for the extremely large number of young people in Poland. My country has recently recorded the greatest increase in student numbers in Europe. Their number has grown six-fold in the last few years. It is for the sake of these young Poles that we are striving for a strong Poland in a strong Europe."@en1

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