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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, today is the right time to look at our economic policy from a broader viewpoint, to look squarely at the past of the Europe of the fifteen and at the future of the Europe of the twenty-five. The first basic point which needs to be made is that the European Union does not have a legal basis for a common – truly common – economic policy, because the Union does not have the competence to make, it only has the competence to coordinate the economic policy of the Member States. This fragmentation of economic policy is not something which can yield results under the conditions of globalisation in which we live today. The second point is that we need a bigger strategic initiative, capable of activating the powers of the European economy. The third point is that, apart from a bigger strategic initiative, the European economy also needs a bigger strategic objective. The accession of the ten new Member States gives us the opportunity for a bigger initiative, capable of inspiring our efforts. The economies of eastern Europe can become the dynamo of the new European economy; all it needs is for us, old Europe, to find the courage and the inspiration to imitate the United States of America and mark the end of the cold war with a sort of Marshall plan for eastern Europe, as the USA did at the end of the Second World War. As regards the big objective, it was given to us in the draft of the new European Constitution, which, for the first time in the history of the Treaties, included full employment in the basic Article 3 as one of the objective aims of the Union, at the same time rejecting the call by the European Central Bank for equal treatment of the objective of price stability. This latter point is important and we must keep to it, but it is not more important, it is never more important than the objective of full employment, which was an essential element in the old European model and, unfortunately Commissioner, I did not, despite listening to you carefully, hear you mention full employment in your review of the European model. We must restore this model if we are to bring Europe back to the path of its reconstruction."@en1
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