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"Mr President, I am delighted to have the honour of taking the floor for the first time during a plenary session of the European Parliament now that Poland is a member of the European Union. Being among the best is ennobling. At the present, Poland has an economic growth rate of 6%. Membership of the European Community gives us the chance to consolidate this growth and to accelerate development. Pursuant to the Lisbon Strategy, the European Union, is aiming to become the strongest and most competitive economy in the world by 2010. I believe the Union will achieve this aim. Nonetheless, economic competitiveness and the laws of the free market are not sufficient to ensure social progress. What is necessary is sustainable development combining economic effectiveness with the principles of social justice and environmental protection. The individual should be the subject of all economic processes, and the markets must serve the people, not vice-versa. This approach will ensure all citizens benefit from the results of European integration. It will lead to the creation of a society without barriers or divisions. Sustainable development of the countries of the European Union also involves the development of its regions and the consolidation of local government. Priority must be given to the allocation of funds from the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund to investments creating new jobs, and to investment in education, science and new technologies. I believe that promoting economic competitiveness while respecting the principles of sustainable development will help to improve quality of life for all Europeans. This is, after all, the goal of our common endeavour. We can achieve far more if we work together."@en1

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