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"Madam President, Members of this House have been entrusted with a great responsibility. We are responsible for the citizens of the European Union, for their prosperity and their welfare. Entry into the European Union on equal terms is an expression of historical justice. These were the words of the Holy Father John Paul II, the supreme authority in this world. Robert Schuman, a great statesman and patriot, shared these views. They inspired the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community and the EEC. The aim was to create peace in Europe and in the world, as well as prosperity for the people. What, though, is the reality? There exists a bipolar Europe: a Europe of the rich, and a Europe of the poor. A different outlook on the economy is required. We must immediately move away from the worst versions of neoliberal policy and globalisation. The solution is not a free-market economy, but a social market economy in keeping with the social teachings of various religious groupings. It is wrong for a country’s population to be divided into a small group of rich citizens and a large group of poor ones. We are opposed to wealth creation at the expense of the poor. We advocate involving the rich in assisting the poor. We must commit to the economic development of all of Europe through the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and job creation. Only then shall we effectively eradicate poverty and unemployment, the plagues of the twentieth century. Only then shall we take the economic lead over the USA and Asian countries such as China and Japan. We should have no reservations about working jointly with Russia and Ukraine. Poland entered the Union on demeaning, unequal terms. The Polish negotiators are to blame for this. They proclaimed a great success, while the truth is different. Production is decreasing. Production quotas and production limits are putting us back by 24 years in the production of tobacco, for example. The figure for sheep farming is 35 years. For milk production it is 52 years, and for steel production 34. We shall call those responsible to account in the future and make them take responsibility for their actions. From a country exporting foodstuffs and steel, Poland has become an importer. Self-Defence is calling for renegotiation of the Association Agreement. The only way to eradicate poverty and unemployment is to exploit the productive capacity of our industry and agriculture to the full. The European Union must return to the highest values. It must put the individual, the family, work, and a dignified life first in order not to lead to social revolution. The alter anti-globalists are right. Having first dealt with extremism, we must work together to find a way out of this situation. The European Union and Poland both need Self-Defence."@en1

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