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"On 1 May, when celebrations marking EU expansion were taking place throughout the whole of Europe, Lithuania also celebrated the Day of Workers’ Solidarity. To the people of the new member countries EU membership means more social justice, more civilized working conditions, and better salaries. We must not create a new Iron Curtain, fencing ourselves off from our new neighbours, the Ukraine, Moldova and, of course, Russia, countries which are actually old neighbours as far as the new Member States are concerned. Let us not take away those countries’ hopes that one day they will themselves become members of the European Union. Belarus must not be left beyond the neighbourhood’s boundaries. Lithuania, which has a five hundred and fifty kilometre external border with this State, is very concerned that economic reforms and democratic change should take place in this country. If nothing is done in this State, however, then everything will carry on as before for many years to come. Some of the new member countries have already lived with their neighbours in one union. We understand the mentality and customs of our neighbours and are ready to help export the values of the European Union to our new neighbours."@en1
"Vėsaitė (PSE )."1

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