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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to convey the grateful thanks of the entire political world, as a representative of Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus, and of its entire people for your positive contribution, so that my country could become part of enlarged Europe. We assure you today that we shall repay it with the positive role of our contribution and our consistency towards what we call a Europe of all the peoples, a strong, powerful Europe, a Europe of prosperity, security and stability. Cyprus today forms the south-easternmost edge of the European Union and the crossroads of the three continents. Cyprus has and can play a role for the European Union and can act as the gateway to these three continents and, at the same time, the point of peace, stability and prosperity in the entire area. Our people believed in European values and the European vision, they believed in everything that today governs the European Union, and one important reason why they took this particular decision, which was not a decision not to resolve the Cyprus question, was because principles and values which have to do with the guarantee and the security of the island could not create this feeling in the people themselves. They could not create this feeling, if you think – and you must understand us – that our people, in their course through history, were only without an occupying army, without foreign troops, without suffering invasion and abuse of their human rights, from 1960 to 1974. I believe today that Cyprus can constitute a major positive challenge for Europe, a positive challenge in which it will be able to prove and gainsay all those who think that it is only a commercial and financial union, proving that it is also a political union. Today I convey to you the historic will of our people to achieve a solution to our problem, in a place where equal rights for Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are already being applied, and I assure you of this. ( )"@en1

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