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"Madam President, first I should like to thank everyone who contributed towards the integration of the Republic of Cyprus into the European Union and to say that Cyprus, which has battled and fought hard for freedom, justice and, above all, solidarity between peoples, is becoming a member of the European Union, which has these as its principles and objective. Cyprus has a great deal to gain from the European Union but, at the same time, vice versa, it can also give quite a lot to the European Union, with its contribution and the role which it has to play with its civilisation, culture and geopolitical position, which can be the bridge between the European Union and the Middle East. Our integration into the European Union is the achievement of one of the major objectives which we set, but this does not mean for us that we shall rest. Our next objective is to resolve the Cyprus question, an objective which, unfortunately, we were unable to achieve prior to integration. We shall make every effort, as quickly as possible, to achieve it. Our desire is to reunite our country. The democratic decision by the Greek Cypriots does not express a wish not to resolve our problem. The result of the referendum was a reaction to a specific plan. As regards the so-called embargo mentioned earlier for the Turkish Cypriots, and which never existed on the Greek Cypriot side, we believe that our Turkish Cypriot fellow countrymen, who for us are equally European Citizens, with all the rights which derive from the integration of Cyprus into the European Union, certainly need to be strengthened economically. This has also been proven by the Turkish Government, with support measures which it itself announced a year ago and again recently at the Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg. Naturally, this will need to be done without there being the slightest risk of recognition of another state within the European Union itself. Our objective is to resolve the Cyprus question as quickly as possible, so that the entire Cypriot people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, can again celebrate together the integration of a united Cyprus into the European Union and the reunification of our homeland."@en1

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