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"Madam President, cooperation between the Europe of 25 with the neighbouring countries to the east, such as the Ukraine, and to the south, such as North Africa, should not in the first place be about EU membership, but about stability and security pacts, whereby the control of borders and border regions should be central. At the same time, it is necessary for the enlarged Europe to put its own house in order. In this Europe, there is too much neo-liberalism and too little in the way of social dialogue, social security and employment. In this Europe, there is too much backroom politics and too little public-political debate. In this Europe, there is too much red tape and too little discretion shown in working practices. A more social, more democratic and more selective Europe means a strong Europe with a Constitution. Consequently, that Europe, with the self-assurance of the citizens behind it, could give its backing to stability and security pacts with the new neighbours. If we focus only on further cooperation with our new neighbours without completing the work we have to do on ourselves, we will disrupt society and democracy within the Europe of 25 and make of it a project lacking electoral support. Only if the citizens of the 25 feel stronger and more secure in themselves, will we, the Europe of 25, be able to be good neighbours. Stability and security pacts entail not only fair trade zones, human rights programmes and knowledge exchange programmes, but also cooperation agreements in order to closely monitor our external borders and regions with regard to terrorism, the trafficking in women and crime. Such stability and security pacts should not, however, be at the expense of Europe's worldwide contribution to the fight against poverty and to ending conflicts. Quite the reverse: we, including the new Members, should contribute more. That is also in keeping with Europe's social model – both internal and external. Incidentally, I take the view that Europe should withdraw from Iraq until such time as the UN has actually taken over the mandate."@en1

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