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"I should like to express my thanks and gratitude to you that Hungary has been able to become an integral part of the European Union. I express my thanks and gratitude to my own region too, to Ajka, in the County of Veszprém, that here today, in Parliament, I can talk to you in the language of my native country. This morning, during the Constitutional discussions, one Member of this House said that constitutional cooperation meant force. We know another type of expression for libertinism, which, for us, represented 45 years of isolation and the Iron Curtain. That is why we believe in cooperation. We must not just limit ourselves to cooperation relating to the environmental and health effects of cross-border sustainable development, but I can assure you that even in such cases we will be quite decisive. As a result of the Trianon Treaty, Hungary lost two-thirds of its land and one-third of its population and its minorities now live beyond its borders. That is why it is very important for Hungary that Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia should join and that the capabilities of the Ukraine and Serbia should be increased. It is very important for Hungary that the demographic deficit itself is eliminated in every region as soon as possible. The examples are too fresh of situations where minorities are in the majority at regional level, yet are still unable to exercise their autonomous rights. The examples of cases where minorities are deprived of their rights to vote and to be elected on the basis of various legally fabricated reasons are too fresh. The soon to be introduced Constitution will provide a further guarantee that the ruling powers will never have the chance, even in theory, to repeat this dreadful period of the twentieth century."@en1

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