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"Madam President, the Polish Parliament stipulated that the Republic of Poland’s entry into the European Union should be subject to the fulfilment of four conditions. It is important to recall this today, because in politics there is nothing worse than delusion and ignorance. The conditions were as follows. First, that the Christian values that fashioned Poland and Europe, be recognised by the Union and included in the preamble to the treaty being drafted. Second, that voting in the Council of the Union be according to the Nice system, and not on the basis of a double majority. Third, that Poland shall not recognise any decisions of the tribunals and courts of the Union with respect to possible German claims. Those who are advancing such claims should remember that war reparations owing to Poland have not yet been paid off, and that Poland may not be prepared to overlook the fact. An executioner should not be seen as a victim or vice-versa. Fourth, that Polish companies, like German companies from the former eastern zone, should be able to benefit from State aid. A further basic condition must be added. Poland will never give precedence to Union law over our constitution. We shall not surrender the sovereignty of our national law. Poland overcame occupation by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Through its fight for independence, Poland paved the way to freedom for the peoples of Europe. Thanks to its faith in God and thanks … … values of the alliance we shall never surrender, in the meantime, the Union to …"@en1

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