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"Madam President, I believe that enlargement should mainly be a procedure of resetting and renewing the objective of a Europe of democracy, solidarity and peace. The question of Cyprus, a new Member State of the Union but with the political problem unresolved, is a typical example of the achievement of this objective. The European Union, while respecting the results of the referendum and implementing the Act of Accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union, needs to step up its efforts in order for there to be a solution in the form of reunification of the island and reconciliation of the two communities, a solution in the form of a twin-community, twin-zone federation, without foreign troops and permanent referees. First, such a solution will prove that the dynamism of the European Union is not restricted solely to personifying the expectations of the European nations for a better future, but that it also constitutes a framework for the resolution of differences, which can guarantee the application of international law and, at the same time, respect for the human and democratic rights of its people. Secondly, let us not forget that the resolution of the Cyprus question will contribute to the security and stability of and peace in the wider area of the Middle East, which is suffering acutely following the military invasion by the United States of Iraq and the continuing policy of Sharon, who refuses to respect the rights of the Palestinian people."@en1

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