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"Madam President, allow me also to pay my regards and express my thanks to the Irish Presidency. The new Europe of 25 has an important future ahead of it: dealing with what is happening around it. The scenario is very demanding: in fact, the outer borders will adjoin highly problematic countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus, the latter controlled by a government so authoritarian that it warranted the suspension of all official relations with it; and then there is Russia, a major military power which is having trouble adopting a more democratic institutional shape and above all pacifying Chechnya, agreeing without delay to work on the peace plan proposed by Mr Maskhadov, to which Parliament gave its full backing; and then in the south we have Turkey, now on the eve of negotiations which could see it accede; and there is the Middle East, the Gulf and Maghreb and Mashreq countries. In order to address this aspect, Europe must assume credible political characteristics and a coherent strategy: at institutional level, only the Constitution can guarantee progress in this direction; at political level, in the report on the future of enlarged Europe adopted last November, Parliament stressed the need for political dialogue with all its neighbours, warning us against fragmentary, economic actions based exclusively on liberalising markets. Political dialogue, establishing common rules, sharing the same values and rights, vision and respect for the point of view of other countries when tackling complex issues, such as immigration: this is the right way forward to avoid the risk of a rift between the Union and its neighbours. We must prevent the walls which we have demolished within the Union now being constructed at our new borders."@en1

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