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"Ladies and gentlemen. I am from Latvia and it is a great honour for me to appear here today before the European Parliament, as a fully fledged representative of my country. We are very pleased that Europe is becoming ever more united, that borders and regulations that hinder our cooperation and the full participation of Eastern Europe in the European Union are disappearing. I represent the Russian-speaking minority of Latvia, which makes up about 40% of the country's population. It is a great pleasure for me to announce to you today that Russians too are now part of a united Europe and I want to emphasise that this is a direct result of enlargement. On 1 May, tens of thousands of the Russian-speaking residents of Latvia – participants in a rally – entrusted me to greet you and expressed a real hope that the European Union will develop not only as a union of States and economies, but will also become a real union of the peoples who live in the European Union and that the European Union will devote more attention not only to the economic aspects but also to such spheres as human rights. In conclusion I would like to wish for effective cooperation for us all, for the good of our common Europe."@en1

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