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"Mr Roche, usually the President should not applaud, but this time I joined my fellow Members in their applause for your words, which were very kind and thoughtful in respect of this House which has admired the work carried out by the Irish Presidency at a very difficult time. We of course hope that following these days of celebration, there will be another joyful conclusion for at least a good number of the MEPs in this Chamber, when the European Council is held in June. Allow me to say to you, however, that your thanks and courtesy have been reciprocated. The parliamentary groups and the House as a whole have truly appreciated, both during individual meetings and thanks to your presence here, the great ability of a small country to help ensure that these wonderful days of celebration would proceed in the best possible way and that we could realise this ‘first’ in the history of the union of peoples, States, nations and citizens. Thank you very much, Mr Roche, and through you I would like to thank all the Irish Presidency."@en1

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