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"Mr President, while we are now rejoicing and welcoming new Member States to the European Union, we cannot, unfortunately, put the international situation out of our minds. A few days ago, we were profoundly disturbed by revelations in the Press of appalling tortures inflicted on Iraqi prisoners by the American and British occupying forces. Practices such as these can do nothing other than widen the gulf between North and South, between the West and the Muslim world. Nevertheless, they represent a tendency that must be resisted. If this is to be done, the international community must unequivocally condemn such practices; it must demonstrate the firm determination to bring to light, in so far as is possible, the extent to which they take place and to ensure that those responsible will be brought to justice. In particular, we can have no confidence in any enquiry carried out by the governments of the States concerned. I therefore hope that a United Nations commission of enquiry may be set up as quickly as possible and I ask the President of Parliament, the Commission and the Council to work together to ensure that a request to this effect is forwarded to the Secretary-General of the United Nations."@en1

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